The decisions you make over the coming days could determine the long-term health and sustainability of your company.  Do you really want to trust those decisions to ‘gut instincts’, intuition, and chance?

Sedulo’s Virtual Scenario Planning Workshops provide client teams with a systematic framework that leverages qualitative research, quantitative research, and powerful data analytics to reduce risk and increase the probability of success.
Team Collaboration  

Effective decision making requires more than just a model and good data, it requires input from multiple stakeholders who can provide broad, and sometimes conflicting, perspectives.  Armed with reliable data and insights, teams will participate in a series of Strategic Competitive Intelligence Framework specific exercises designed to drive effective decision making through impact analysis and risk mitigation.

Systematic Process

Sedulo has developed a number of analytical frameworks called Strategic Competitive Intelligence Frameworks (SCIFs) designed to help clients overcome common business hurdles.  Each workshop is built around a specific SCIF and leverages a combination of research, data, analytics, and group exercises to facilitate informed decision making. Sedulo offers Virtual Scenario Planning Workshops based on the following SCIFs:

A new framework designed with input from Crisis Management experts to help mitigate the disruptive and unexpected impact of COVID-19 on an organization and its stakeholders.  This includes modules related to crisis duration scenarios, supply chain dependencies, decision tree modeling, economic activity scenarios, etc.
Data Driven

Sedulo’s Virtual Scenario Planning Workshops incorporate data analytics and qualitative research to ensure decision makers have access to the most accurate and up-to-date business intelligence available.

Sedulo uses powerful machine learning enabled data analytics to scan over 500 million data sources to identify and measure key indicators and variables impacting your business decision.

Sedulo’s experienced team of qualitative researchers validate and verify the data output through interviews with key external thought leaders and decision makers.

The data analytics output and insights generated through qualitative research are then used to support the Strategic Competitive Intelligence Framework exercises.

Decision Analysis and Risk Management

Each SCIF uses probabilistic risk analysis based on quantitative and qualitative data to reliably drive effective decision making.  Applying a data-driven mathematical model to support decision analysis helps transform complex decisions into situations with a clear course of action.

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