Sedulo has developed a Win/Loss Program that uniquely balances the depth and granularity of qualitative research and the fact-based, data-driven insights derived through quantitative analysis. Unlike sales and marketing consultancies, Sedulo’s expertise in competitive and market intelligence enables us to go beyond the rating scales and customer quotes, providing our clients with a more complete understanding of the customer and the competition.


Identify prospect needs and decision drivers.
Uncover perception of pricing and value.
Measure the quality of sales engagement.
Assess the quality of product presentation.
Confirm decision makers verses influencers.

Measure messaging resonation.
Identify pain points and purchase drivers.
Determine before and after perceptions.
Assess strengths and weaknesses.
Uncover third-party media influences.

Benchmark features and functionality.
Identify true product differentiation.
Uncover unmet product needs.
Assess UI opinions.
Detect product innovation perceptions.

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