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Offering a full suite of competitive intelligence, market intelligence, and strategy consulting services, Sedulo delivers deep insights and custom implications, enabling our clients to sharpen their competitive edge.

What We Deliver

Methodology Icon Competitive AnalysisCOMPETITIVE ANALYSIS

With unique client needs come various methodologies; however, Sedulo’s foundation always starts with a systematic approach to understanding our client’s near and long-term strategic business decisions.

How We Deliver

Differentiation iconDIFFERENTIATION

Delivering data and information is not enough. Sedulo combines best-in-class research with strategic analytical frameworks and data-visualization to effectively transform raw information into strategic competitive insights and implications.

Why We’re Different


Sedulo offers a wide variety of competitive and market intelligence research-based services by combining our best-in-class research expertise with traditional management consulting disciplines. We provide fact-based decision support and strategic insights in support of various business activities such as, but not limited to, Go-To-Market Strategy Development, Product and Innovation Development, Pricing & Packaging, Sales Enablement, Competitive Monitoring, and more.


Knowing the competition is critical to maximizing competitive advantage.

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Uncover impactful insights on global markets and key customers.

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Increase the value of market and competitive insights via strategy consulting.

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In need of targeted, low-cost, quick-turn intelligence? Query can meet those needs.

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Best In Class IconBest-in-Class

Excellent research is the foundation for actionable insights; Sedulo’s core competency has always been, and remains, our best-in-class research capability.

Analytical Tools IconStrategic Analytical

Our strategic analytical tools utilize both proprietary and traditional frameworks to provide a holistic view of the market and the competition.

Data Visualization IconData

Sedulo applies innovative graphic design techniques to transform complex data and concepts into succinct, easy-to-understand formats.

Thought Partnership IconThought

Sedulo partners with clients to understand the unique strategic and tactical business decisions they face and delivers insights needed to inform them.

We have developed a proprietary system and strategy known as our Persistent Source Network. This relationship-based network of professional researchers and sources is built from Sedulo’s 15 years of competitive intelligence research and includes tens of thousands global market and company sources across numerous industries.


For nearly two decades, Sedulo has provided insights on thousands of companies, dozens of industries, and numerous regions across the world. While each company, industry, and geography has its own unique characteristics, the art and science of developing competitive and market insights remains the same.

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  • “I completely trust my project team, and that is the most important thing I look for when selecting a vendor.”
    – Sr. Manager, CI, Pharma
  • “I greatly appreciate how reactive Sedulo has been to ad-hoc requests. This project has failed with prior vendors due to lack of knowledge and Sedulo is off to a great start.”
    – Business Insights Manager, Oncology, Pharma
  • “The project team has gone over and above to communicate, deliver and keep that same level of energy throughout the year.”
    – Competitive Strategy & Market Intelligence, Technology
  • “Sedulo’s creation of the sales enablement materials were well received and the team is looking forward for future opportunities to work together.”
    – Director of CI, Technology
  • “I really appreciate the flexibility and value of Sedulo’s services. We don’t get this from all vendors.”
    – Sr. Manager, CI, Pharma
  • “Sedulo provides great attention to the client and spends time to fully understand our business objectives and goals of research. They have the ability to quickly get up-to-speed on the project background and goals and are very responsive and easy to work with.”
    – CI Manager, Financial Services
  • “My Client Engagement Manager was fantastic to work with. She was extremely flexible along the way, did a wonderful job synthesizing the research, and absolutely crushed the final presentation.”
    – Director of CI, Software
  • “New team members are able to come up to speed quickly on the market, and there are always people there who know the history. I doubt I’d find anyone with stronger market knowledge.”
    – Assoc. Director, Market Insights, Pharma
  • “The project team has really embraced the nuances of my market; since the start of our relationship and our first project, they have learned the jargon, made key insights and asked great questions.”
    – Competitive Strategy & Market Intelligence, Retail
  • “My Client Engagement Manager “gets it”, and there is no time wasted in communication. I’m glad we connected before my competitor did.”
    – Vice President, Manufacturing