Since 2006, we have supported global organizations across a broad range of industries and business disciplines. What differentiates us from other firms is our ability to blend primary and secondary research with strategic analysis, bridging the gap between traditional competitive intelligence firms and Big 5 consulting firms.


Sedulo Group specializes in primary research. At the heart of every service we offer is our unparalleled ability to gather actionable intelligence. Whether it is a traditional competitive intelligence project, a Voice of Customer Study, or Physician Survey, primary research is the key to success. We are unequalled when it comes to collecting that hard-to-get intelligence clients need in order to make better business decisions.


Secondary research is often used to quickly and efficiently establish a baseline of information about competitors, markets and products. While the information is public, and generally less granular than primary research, it is a cost effective way to identify knowledge gaps, key issues and trends, as well as potential sources for primary research.

We have access to an extensive selection of relevant industry databases and research tools used as secondary CI feeders.

In addition to databases, we monitor company websites, recruitment services (job boards), industry associations, business directories, company published financials, social media and other industry sources throughout the life of a project. These sources of information provide a cost effective early warning system while simultaneously supporting the primary research efforts.


Competitive intelligence is the process of collecting and analyzing information from a variety of sources in order to build a comprehensive picture of a competitor, market or customer. While there are various methods for gathering competitive intelligence, we specialize in primary research. Primary research focuses on gathering intelligence directly from stakeholders with knowledge of the subject matter in question.


We have developed a proprietary system and strategy known as Persistent Source Network. The network combines a traditional CI source database with the tools and techniques used in CRM (Customer Relationship Management). Applying CRM principles, our analysts are able to:

  • Maintain ongoing contact and relationships with sources, even when not engaged in the source’s respective technical or business area.
  • Improve rapport with sources which enables us to respond quickly to CI requests and improves the quality of the intelligence.
  • Our Persistent Source Network includes over 20,000 sources.


Just knowing what the competition and market is doing is not enough, it is equally important to understand how all of the pieces fit together. The ability to see the big picture is essential to developing an effective business strategy. Our strategic competitive intelligence services combine in-depth primary research findings with traditional and innovative analytical tools, providing a holistic view of the market and the competition.


Sedulo’s skilled team of intelligence experts approach research with the experience and intellectual acumen necessary to effectively analyze information and transform research findings into actionable insights and implications.

Sedulo’s extensive in-house intellectual capabilities ensure that Sedulo is able to act as a strategic thought partner, providing a holistic view of the competitive environment and enabling our clients to anticipate and understand key competitor and market developments.


Our experienced team utilizes tactical & strategic level capabilities, providing deep insights and implications for your company

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