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Sedulo recognizes each client need is unique and requires distinctive methodologies. What differentiates Sedulo is our ability to blend primary and secondary research with strategic analysis resulting in competitive strategy, which bridges the gap between traditional competitive intelligence firms and Big 5 consulting firms.


Excellent research is the foundation for developing actionable insights, and Sedulo’s services have always been rooted in our best-in-class research capabilities. Our specialized research approach follows a systematic process which is key to delivering in-depth intelligence and insights. Sedulo is unequaled when it comes to collecting difficult-to-obtain intelligence needed to inform strategic and tactical business decisions.


Secondary research (also known as desk research, or open-source research) is used to quickly and efficiently gather valuable information about competitors, markets, and products. Secondary research is a cost-effective way to identify knowledge gaps, key issues, and trends.

Sedulo’s team of researchers has access to an extensive selection of industry databases and research tools. In addition to multiple databases, Sedulo can monitor websites, hiring activities, industry associations, business directories, financials, social media, and more.


Primary research focuses on gathering intelligence directly from stakeholders with knowledge of the subject in question. Sedulo’s trained interviewers leverage techniques including active listening and a conversational interviewing style which enables our teams to go beyond traditional discussion guides and uncover insights which may otherwise go overlooked.

Our primary research is built on the success of Sedulo’s Persistent Source Network™ (PSN), which includes a robust repository of tens of thousands of active company, competitor, and market sources across the world.


Sedulo has developed a proprietary system and strategy known as Persistent Source Network (PSN). This relationship-based network of professional researchers and sources is built from Sedulo’s 15 years of competitive intelligence research and includes tens of thousands of global market and company sources across numerous industries. Leveraging this network, Sedulo is able to:

  • Engage with tens of thousands of global sources across numerous industries.
  • Maintain ongoing contact and relationships with sources, even when not engaged in the source’s respective technical or business area.
  • Improve rapport with sources which enables us to respond quickly to CI requests and improves the quality of the intelligence.
  • Perform ongoing maintenance to ensure inactive or stale sources are removed, and source mining is completed to expand the network.


Knowing what your competition and the market are doing is no longer enough. The ability to see the big picture is essential to developing an effective business strategy. Sedulo’s offerings combine in-depth research with both traditional and proprietary analytical tools – which together provide a holistic view of the market and the competition.

Sedulo’s team of competitive strategy professionals is skilled in applying tools such as: SWOT Analysis, PESTLE Analysis, 4-Corners Analysis, Porter’s 5 Forces, and other innovative tools unique to Sedulo Group (e.g., Threat Matrix, Threat Indicator, Weighted Criteria Matrix, etc.).


Gathering, connecting, analyzing, and understanding information is a crucial component of succeeding into today’s business landscape. Leveraging our proprietary Four I’s methodology, Sedulo transforms raw information into actionable insights and implications.

Sedulo’s “Four I’s” process is a systematic way in which our team gathers INFORMATION, analyzes INTELLIGENCE, uncovers INSIGHTS, and contextualizes IMPLICATIONS.

Sedulo’s Four I’s process ensures that we provide a holistic view of the competitive environment and enables our clients to anticipate and understand future competitor and market developments.


Our experienced team utilizes tactical and strategic capabilities, providing deep insights and implications for your company.

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