Arcus Biosciences Triumphs with Competitive Intelligence

Arcus’s enhanced strategy earned praise and enthusiastic buy-in from the company’s top executives, thanks to the new competitor and market insights generated by Sedulo Group.  

We’re already actually contracting Sedulo Group for a second workshop in the next couple of months. So certainly we’re happy with the outcomes from the first workshop.” Stephen Lamb, Executive Director of Market Planning & Portfolio Strategy

Discover how competitive intelligence and insights helped define Arcus’s competitive strategy.

Delivering Strategic Insights Across the Drug Development Process

Sedulo’s team of Life Science professionals understands the challenges that organizations face when developing and commercializing assets. Our unique ability to generate insights by blending primary and secondary research with strategic analysis enables clients to achieve competitive advantage.

Experienced Team with Diverse Professional and Academic Qualifications

Through advanced qualifications including MDs, PhDs, RNs, PharmDs, Therapy Area Specialists and more, Sedulo’s team of competitive strategy professionals bring a unique perspective to each client. Our team backgrounds include Academic Researchers, Pharmacists, Clinicians, Pharma Reps, Clinical Researchers, Biopharma CI Stakeholders, Regulatory Specialists, Payers, Discovery Scientists, Product Launch Specialists, and more.

Deep Expertise Across Multiple Therapeutic Areas



In the face of patent protection loss and the emergence of new competing products, a market leader sought a strategic partner who could provide early warning of key competitor and market developments. Learn how Sedulo enabled this company to stay ahead of its competition by consistently delivering timely insights through proactive monitoring.


On the brink of their own product launch, a pharmaceutical client sought strategic insights on how to address an impending competitive launch from a new market entrant. Learn how Sedulo facilitated a competitive simulation that enabled the client to develop a successful launch plan in spite of the simultaneous launch of the new entrant’s product.


A pre-clinical biopharmaceutical company with multiple molecules needed support to identify, assess, and prioritize a list of ten possible indications for clinical development. Learn how Sedulo leveraged its 4-Lens approach to assess the current and future clinical, commercial, regulatory, and scientific landscape for all ten indications.


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