Cloud 50 Tech Company Tears Down the Competition with Sedulo Group

Jennifer SayersCase Studies

The Situation

A Cloud 50 technology company recognized that its sales teams were losing ground to the competition due to a lack of in-depth competitor knowledge. Sales reps struggled to articulate their product’s unique advantages, fumbled with objections based on competitor features, and missed opportunities to expose competitor weaknesses.

The Solution

Sedulo partnered with the company, delivering technical teardowns, secondary monitoring, and event coverage. This empowered sales teams with the insights needed to highlight their product’s strengths, confidently handle objections, and ultimately close more deals.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Success

Sedulo’s teardowns included a detailed technical competitive matrix of client offerings vs. the competitor, based on hands-on testing, a thorough pricing comparison, and research into deployment options.


Sample Intelligence Questions Included:

  • How do competitors’ product/service features compare?
  • Are competitor products/services easy to install and use?
  • What deployment differences exist?
  • How are the competitor’s solutions priced?
  • What sales “kill points” can the client use against competitors?
  • How do competitors pitch their products/services?
  • How does competitor messaging target the client specifically?
  • What are the key purchase drivers?
  • What key marketing strategies have been / will be implemented?
  • What is the product portfolio mix?
  • Which products are driving the greatest growth?
  • What new products are likely to be introduced?

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