Evolution of V.U.C.A.

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Prior to Heath Gross’ career in competitive intelligence, he served in the US Government as the Special Projects Officer for Counterterrorism in the Middle East. He worked in counterterrorism both before, and after 9/11. During that period Heath personally witnessed the accelerated transition from planning and fighting a conventional war, with clearly marked boundaries and military goals, to a war fought against terrorists and insurgents, a 360 degree battle field where the objectives of the enemy, and the enemy itself, are often unknown. VUCA became a necessary and effective framework in the strategic planning process.

Once Heath transitioned into competitive intelligence, he quickly saw that the VUCA framework applied to the corporate world as well, where disruptive technologies and a growing global economy have created an equally unstable and unpredictable competitive landscape for many industries.

The goal is to help understand how, as CI professionals, we can apply the VUCA framework to provide both tactical and strategic decision support to the organization.

What’s V.U.C.A.? 

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