Because the art and science of competitive intelligence can be employed in nearly every industry, we have invested time and resources in order to build a robust network of sources in a broad range of industries. Furthermore, our analysts, project managers and subject matter experts represent diverse industry backgrounds, providing in-house industry expertise across the industry spectrum.

We understand that every industry is different, therefore, tactics and methods must be adapted to meet specific industry challenges. We utilize cross-functional project teams made up of experienced primary research specialists supported by subject matter experts.

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In the face of patent protection loss and the emergence of new competing products, a market leader sought a strategic partner who could provide early warning of key competitor and market developments. Learn how Sedulo enabled this company to stay ahead of its competition by consistently delivering timely insights through proactive monitoring.
On the brink of their own product launch, a pharmaceutical client sought strategic insights on how to address an impending competitive launch from a new market entrant. Learn how Sedulo facilitated a competitive simulation that enabled the client to develop a successful launch plan in spite of the simultaneous launch of the new entrant’s product.
When a top 20 pharmaceutical company was seeking an intelligence partner to provide onsite coverage at two key scientific conferences, the company chose Sedulo. Learn how Sedulo leveraged its proven conference coverage approach to successfully prepare for, execute, and follow-up with onsite conference collection.
As part of a recurring, annual partnership, one of Sedulo’s clients engaged Sedulo to conduct win/loss interviews and opportunity analysis in order to provide clear and honest insight into why the client was winning and losing deals. Learn how Sedulo leveraged its proven win/loss methodology to deliver actionable intelligence on how the client could more effectively compete.
In the midst of rapid growth, a leading player in an emerging technology segment engaged Sedulo to provide strategic sales enablement support. Learn how Sedulo utilized ongoing competitive research to deliver competitor battlecards that equipped the company’s sales team to more effectively compete.
When a previous client allowed its understanding of key competitors to grow stale, the client re-engaged Sedulo to conduct competitor assessments of four key companies. Learn how Sedulo interviewed competitor sources and tested competitor products to deliver up-to-date, detailed intelligence on each of the competitors’ relevant product offerings.
A market leader was seeking to navigate the political complications of entering a heavily sanctioned international market. Learn more about how Sedulo’s seasoned staff delivered go-to-market best practices for the target market based on experience with other successful market entries.
Faced with mounting competitive threats, a retail market leader turned to Sedulo to provide ongoing competitor insights and implications to inform executive planning and aid the company in maintaining its position as market leader. Learn more about how Sedulo’s international research capabilities delivered key wins for the client.
Eager to enter a new market but unable to gain key intelligence, a market disrupter engaged Sedulo to overcome its intelligence obstacle. Learn how Sedulo’s seasoned staff collected pivotal information on the market size and players, along with insights into the pathway and optimal timing for market entry.
When a company’s corporate leadership wanted to educate their team members on competitive intelligence to increase corporate CI awareness and abilities, they turned to Sedulo. Learn how Sedulo’s seasoned staff prepared a half-day workshop to take this company’s intelligence functions to the next level.
A market leader engaged Sedulo to collect detailed intelligence on a smaller market player with an innovative technology solution. Learn how Sedulo’s validated insights fueled the market leader’s decision to bolster its portfolio by acquiring the target company.
In order to better understand customer desires and decision-making drivers, along with competitor offerings, an international segment leader engaged Sedulo to conduct a Voice of Customer study. Learn how Sedulo interviewed competitors’ clients to gain direct insights on both customers and competitors.
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