We offer a full suite of tactical & strategic competitive intelligence services, from global landscape studies to product deep dives & everything in between.

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Google is not enough. We talk directly to competitor stakeholders & decision makers. This isn’t data, it’s intelligence.

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Leveraging best-in-class research, we help you go-to-market, defend market share & develop product roadmaps, all while helping you anticipate & plan for competitive threats.

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Sedulo Group is a full-service competitive and market intelligence consultancy offering a wide variety of primary
research-based services. We uniquely combine primary research expertise with  traditional management consulting
disciplines to provide clients 
with a holistic view of their competitors, their market and their business objective.

Our Competitor & Product Profiling services provide clients with the most in-depth look at their competitors; from their market positioning and product pipeline to strategic objectives and management profiles. Our goal is to provide our clients with the most comprehensive and accurate view of the competition.
Whether monitoring a specific market segment or an entire industry, our Persistent Source Network provides a robust network of vertical industry contacts and subject matter experts. Leveraging this network, we can provide early warning and threat / vulnerability assessments on market and competitor moves.
Our conference and tradeshow intelligence services enable us to quickly and efficiently gather intelligence on competitor products and strategies. When conducted in conjunction with a monitoring program, conference coverage can be used to efficiently build a network of sources that can be utilized through the duration of the program.
In order to outmaneuver your competitors and the market, it helps to know what you are up against. We can provide detailed intelligence on your competitor’s R&D strategy, product pipeline, technology roadmap and product life-cycle management objectives.
Just knowing what the competition and market is doing is not enough, it is equally important to understand how all the pieces fit together. Being able to see the big picture is essential to developing an effective business strategy. Our Strategic Competitive Intelligence services combine in-depth primary research findings with both traditional and innovative analytical tools; providing a holistic view of the market and the competition.
Whether your company is launching a new product or defending a first-to-market position, understanding the competitive landscape is crucial to a company’s strategy. We have developed a proven methodology for building and communicating a comprehensive view of the market and the competition. Combining in-depth primary research with innovative analysis, we are able to provide a comprehensive and holistic competitive landscape. 
Based on extensive project experience, we understand the unique challenges encountered when bringing a new product to market. We provide primary research and strategic analysis support to product teams in order to help them develop effective R&D, testing, regulatory and commercial strategies. Our research and analysis has provided clients with a thorough understanding of the competitive landscape, enabling clients to develop head-to-head competitive strategies as well as identifying new opportunities in the market.
In order to be successful, it is critical for businesses to understand their competition and their customer in the context of an ever changing market. Our War Game services provide clients an opportunity to test their existing strategies against various scenarios as well as develop new strategies for probable changes in the market.
In evaluating competitors it is essential to understand their Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities (for the client), and Threats (to the client). While SWOT analysis is a common internal analytical tool, few businesses have the in-house capability to accurately and reliably evaluate a competitor’s SWOT position. Based on our unique ability to gather information directly from the stakeholders, our Competitor SWOT Analysis services are the most reliable and comprehensive in the industry.
As a full service competitive intelligence firm, we offer a number of consulting services that help our clients get the most out of their CI functions. Whether your company is looking to launch a competitive intelligence practice or benchmark your existing processes, structure and output, we can help. Leveraging the extensive experience of our competitive intelligence professionals and management consultants, we can help your company build a sustainable competitive intelligence function that is both impactful and relevant to the larger organization.
Competitive simulations are essential for organizations interested in gaining new insights, pressure testing market assumptions, identifying blind spots, and preparing for future changes in the competitive landscape. Competitive simulations play a key role in the market planning process by facilitating strategic and tactical thinking and improving situational awareness regarding the organization’s competitive position. Competitive simulations enable clients to identify the most critical competitive threats, while helping to develop counter strategies to preempt competitor actions.
We have developed a proven phased methodology that is tailored to the specific needs of the client, based on the objectives, the company culture and organizational needs. Understanding the organizational vulnerabilities, with regard to competitor competitive intelligence efforts, is critical to developing an effective counter-CI program. For this reason, we have developed an audit methodology that tests numerous areas of potential vulnerabilities. The output from this innovative audit methodology enables us to develop effective Counter-CI programs, and train the appropriate personnel. • Assess / Audit • Program Development • Train • Re-Assess • Retrain
Whether your company is setting up its first competitive intelligence function, or is looking to audit and benchmark its existing competitive intelligence program, our experienced CI professionals can assist in assessing your current program, make recommendations for improvement and ensure your company is maximizing its competitive intelligence efforts.
Every day the members of your organization are interacting with customers, suppliers, vendors, industry experts and even competitors, providing a rich source of potential business intelligence. We have developed a program that enables clients to leverage their employees to provide competitive intelligence crowdsourcing. We develop custom programs that leverage the client’s existing employee network to improve the effectiveness of gathering information and insights on the customer.
We go beyond statistics and market share reports in order to piece together the most accurate and reliable view of a given market. Based on our in-depth market analysis intelligence, clients are better able to understand the market, forecast trends and identify threats and opportunities.
Understanding your customer is critical when developing a product pipeline or establishing a new sell against strategy. While many companies offer VOC studies that generate volumes of quantitative consumer data, our VOC studies focus on in-depth primary research based B2B applications. Our expertise in primary research and our extensive source network, enable us to gather market intelligence from C-Level corporate customers. Our VOC service can provide clients with a detailed understanding of the needs, intentions and strategies of current and potential customers.
Because of our extensive network of physicians, Key Opinion Leaders, and healthcare professionals, life science companies have often turned to us in order to gain insight into the opinions and attitudes of prescribers and payers. Due to an increasing client demand for these services, in 2010 we launched a branded Physician Survey service called Voice of Physicians. Because of our unique background in competitive and market intelligence, Voice of Physicians provides a level of strategic and competitive analysis that pure market research firms lack. While we still provide the standard quantitative and qualitative information, we are able to frame it in the context of the competitive landscape. Our Voice of Physician service does not deliver data, it delivers intelligence.
In today’s economy it is not enough to understand your local and regional market; today’s businesses need an accurate and reliable global view. We conduct research in Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East and the U.S.; ensuring clients the most comprehensive global coverage available.
In order to stay competitive it is important to know what products and services your company is competing against. In order to provide our clients with the most accurate and up-to-date product intelligence, we gather intelligence directly from those with first-hand knowledge such as product managers, portfolio directors, sales, marketing and R&D personnel. Whether it’s pricing or positioning, our Product Intelligence services provide clients with the insight they need to stay ahead of the competition.
Whether buying, selling or distributing, it is critical that businesses understand the channels on which they rely. Our primary source intelligence collection capabilities and vertical market subject matter expertise enable us to provide clients with the reliable channel assessments needed for making strategic and tactical decisions.
It is not enough for a business to know its own Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats, it must also possess a comprehensive view of the market. Our market intelligence services provide a reliable market SWOT analysis that help clients take advantage of opportunities, avoid the threats and understand the trends.
Our Win/Loss Analysis service provides clients with the most detailed and reliable insight into why your company did, or did not, win a sale. Our experience in primary research guarantees that your company will get detailed, candid feedback from the actual decision makers. Our in-house analytical capability ensures that the Win/Loss intelligence is presented in a way that is contextually relevant, including how it ties into the company’s Sell Against Strategy, Pricing Strategy and SWOT Analysis.


Best-in-Class Research

Our core competency has always been, and still remains, our best-in-class primary research capability. We leverage our proven conversational interview technique to provide timely and accurate competitive intelligence.

In-House Research

Unlike most research firms today, we utilize an in-house resource model; whereby 98% of all research is conducted by full-time Sedulo employees. This model ensures the highest level of professionalism, ethics, quality control, and knowledge retention.

Data Visualization

We are the only competitive strategy firm with a full-time data visualization staff. This enables our teams to present complex data and concepts in succinct, easy-to-understand formats.

Global Coverage

With six offices worldwide, fluency in over a dozen languages, research experience in over 100 countries, we have the capability to gather intelligence from anywhere in the world.

We have developed a proprietary system and strategy known as Persistent Source Network. The network combines a traditional CI source database with the tools and techniques used in Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and includes over 20,000 sources across every industry.


Because the art and science of competitive intelligence can be employed in nearly every industry, we have invested time and resources in order to build a robust network of sources in a broad range of industries. Furthermore, our analysts, project managers and subject matter experts represent diverse industry backgrounds, providing in-house industry expertise across the industry spectrum.

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  • “Having tried many CI vendors with varying levels of success over the past 5 years, we had never crossed paths with the team at Sedulo. We met their team in early 2013 and engaged them for an ad hoc project. Now completed, I can say the project exceeded our expectations and we will be working with them on future projects.”MARKET RESEARCH AND CI DIRECTOR, LEADING HEALTHCARE ORGANIZATION
  • “The project team’s final deliverable exceeded our expectations and was delivered ahead of schedule. We appreciated the team’s dedication to our goals and look forward to working with Sedulo Group on future projects.”CI MANAGER, LEADING PHARMACEUTICAL COMPANY
  • “Sedulo provides great attention to the client and spends time to fully understand our business objectives and goals of research. They have the ability to quickly get up-to-speed on the project background and goals and are very responsive and easy to work with.”CI MANAGER, MAJOR FINANCIAL SERVICE