Gaining a Winning Edge: Financial Services Company Leverages Sedulo for Unmatched Competitive Insights

Jennifer SayersCase Studies

The Situation

A leader in risk and compliance solutions needed to update and expand their understanding of the competitive landscape. Previous insights were outdated, limiting their ability to strategize effectively.

The Solution

The company re-engaged Sedulo, recognizing their expertise and technical capabilities. Sedulo employed a comprehensive approach to gather insights. Staff strategically engaged key industry sources across various departments, including project management, testing, and sales. This provided a 360-degree view of the competitor’s strategy and product. Alongside human intelligence, Sedulo conducted a hands-on technical teardown and investigated other strategic areas such as product performance, infrastructure, security, feature set, search functionality, reporting capabilities, and pricing models.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Success

Armed with Sedulo Group’s research, the client received the intelligence necessary to inform strategic decision-making and enable its teams to compete more effectively. Sedulo’s deliverables equipped the client with insights and actionable outputs, including:

Competitor Insights Reports: Comprehensive reports on four key competitors, each containing an executive summary, product screenshots, and detailed findings tailored to address the client’s specific areas of interest. These reports enabled the client to benchmark their offerings, refine product development, and adjust positioning strategies.

Technical Teardown Report: An in-depth analysis of a competitor’s target product, providing insights into strengths, weaknesses, underlying technology, and potential vulnerabilities. This empowered the client to identify areas for differentiation in sales and marketing.


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