Global Pharma Company Relies on Sedulo’s Competitive Landscape

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Background & Overview

A pharmaceutical company on the Forbes Global 2000 list received two new patents on one of their marketed drugs; however, the company was concerned about their competitors’ plans to develop related products in a specific disease area. The company urgently needed a deeper understanding of competitive activities and turned to Sedulo Group for help.

Program Approach

When constructing the competitive landscape, the team leveraged Sedulo Group’s unique “Outside-In Approach” by first consulting public information (e.g., clinical trial registries, press releases, earnings calls, conference presentations, etc.) to form a broad knowledge base of the landscape and then going deeper through interviews with high-value clinical, regulatory, and commercial sources at each of the identified competing companies. The result was an executive summary supported by impactful details and in-depth insights that provided real value.

Sedulo delivered insights on the following:

    • Technologies
    • Devices
    • Dosing
    • Regulatory Status
    • Commercialization Plans
    • Partnerships
  • Clinical Trials:
    • Current Trial Status
    • Endpoints
    • Inclusion & Exclusion Criteria
    • Expected Completion Dates

Program Result

Sedulo’s report included, but was not limited to, relevant products in development, estimated timelines, regulatory submissions, approvals, and proposed product launch plans. Sedulo developed profiles of five competitors, as well as intelligence on relevant generics from three other companies.
With these details, the client understood their position and what they should expect from the market in the near term. Some of the key insights included:

  • Intelligence on the termination of key phase three trials for competitor products.
  • Identification of multiple competitors seeking approval in the next 18 months.
  • A threat matrix indicating the threat level of competing products based on their potential impact to the client and their likelihood of success.

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