Global Retail & Supply Chain Giant Masters the Go-To-Market Challenge

Sedulo GroupCase Studies

Background & Overview

A Global 2000 retail and supply chain company aimed to navigate the complexities of entering a strategic EMEA market. In anticipation of the removal of U.S. sanctions and the competition of other major U.S. corporations eyeing the same market, the company sought a strategic partner. Their goal was to prepare meticulously for a triumphant market entry. To achieve this, the company engaged Sedulo Group to enhance its go-to-market plans by tapping into insights from U.S.-based companies that successfully navigated the market under existing sanctions.

Program Approach

To tackle this ambitious objective, the Sedulo initially leveraged publicly available information to build a comprehensive picture of the target market. Identifying existing entry barriers and viable pathways, the company worked with Sedulo to then select three diverse U.S.-based enterprises as case studies for effective market entry strategies. Sedulo’s Primary Research Specialists utilized Sedulo’s Persistent Source Network™ and Conversational Interviewing Technique to gather validated intelligence on these companies’ go-to-market tactics, uncovering key strategies and practices. Additionally, the study delved into whether these companies engaged local partners or associations in the target market. Interviews with influential stakeholders in the United States and key international markets further enriched the research.

Program Result

Through meticulous interviews and in-depth analysis, the study unveiled the approaches each of the three chosen companies had taken for market entry. It yielded invaluable insights into best practices concerning legal procedures, government approvals, establishment of local partnerships, and overarching market entry strategies. Beyond these practices, the study shed light on incentives for market entry and identified multiple pivotal entry points into the target market. With Sedulo Group’s reliable research and insightful analysis, the company gained a profound understanding of the essential components of a successful go-to-market strategy tailored to the target market.

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