MedTech Company Enhances Strategy and Execution with Sedulo Group’s THINK, ACT, BEAT Methodology

Jennifer SayersCase Studies

The Situation

A MedTech company was preparing for a new medical device market entrant who infringed on the company’s current and future market share.

Sedulo was selected to conduct a strategic simulation exercise in order to help the company develop likely competitor scenarios and strategies for market entry, as well as possible responses. Finally, Sedulo was tasked with developing a path to build internal client alignment and buy-in on a commercial strategy.[/text_output][/vc_column][/vc_row]

The Solution

Sedulo conducted in-depth desk research on the target competitor; then engaged high-value competitor sources to gain and validate additional key insights. Equipped with initial findings, the team relied on Sedulo’s deep experience and proven “THINK, ACT, BEAT” competitive simulation methodology to design a two-day strategic workshop.

The workshop enabled the client to develop, validate, and pressure-test a plan to maintain their position given the threat of new competition. In preparation for strategy sessions, Sedulo built briefing decks full of competitor insights. During the onsite meetings, Sedulo’s specialists facilitated discussion and led the client through strategy exercises guided by Sedulo Group’s proprietary methodology.

The Success

Leveraging Sedulo’s “THINK, ACT, BEAT” methodology, the workshop enabled the client to come to an internal alignment on commercial strategies and timelines for execution, as well as provided organizational assignments moving forward.

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