Retail Segment Leader Raises $200M with Competitive Intelligence

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Background & Overview

A retail segment leader’s growth and strategy team identified a lucrative new market for expansion but faced significant obstacles hindering a successful market entrance. Key questions loomed: “What are the current market conditions?” “What is the size of the market, and who dominates it?” “What barriers must be overcome, and when is the best time to enter?”

In their quest to gather crucial market intelligence, the company deployed internal resources and personnel. Despite their diligence, critical information remained elusive. While the new market showed promise, the company lacked the essential insights required for a successful entry. The risk of proceeding with incomplete or incorrect intelligence loomed large. Waiting too long for internal data collection to yield results could mean missing a vital market entry window. Faced with this intelligence gap, the company turned to Sedulo Group for a solution.

Program Approach

Sedulo devised a comprehensive strategy to address the intelligence deficit. Two studies were conducted to provide the company with validated information that was vital for a successful market entry. The first study focused on uncovering current market conditions, including identifying competitors, partners/channels, market size, market share, growth rates, trends, and key entry barriers. Following the completion of this initial study, Sedulo’s efforts shifted toward an in-depth analysis of key competitors, examining factors like partner/channel exclusivity, renegotiation timelines, contract terms, operational structures, and more.

Program Result

Equipped with fully-validated intelligence, the company made the strategic decision to proceed with market entry. Leveraging the insights collected by Sedulo Group, the company developed a robust 5-year market entry plan, securing over $200 million in Series E financing.

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